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My name is Clint, a commercial photographer in the Atlantic region of Canada.  Originally, picking up a camera as a means to record my life living in different countries, I soon found myself needing to photograph people.  Santa Marta, Colombia, was the breeding ground for my development, allowing me to shape and style my photographs in a way where I am able to show you how I see the subject before me.  Colombia was just the beginning, join me for the rest of the journey.


My style?

I finally figured out where my "look" comes from!  

Imagine a young man, in his 20s, ridiculously shy, who stumbles on the opportunity to work in a night club, in the late 90s.  Not only is he forced to come out of his shell, but his is given access to a different world.  At first, all the beautiful people, though his eyes, are larger than life caricatures, exaggerated under vibrantly bad lighting.  Everyone has something interesting going on.  


Not long after, the beautiful people start to reach out and welcome him.  After hours parties, biker gangs and sleeping on the beach.   Gritty at times, shiny but damaged, rough around the edges, but gorgeous.

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